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Corrosion Proof Tumbler Holder or Toothbrush Stand ( Material : Brass & Glass ) GL-03 Material : 100 % Brass Metallic layers thru multilayer electroplating German technology Premium, unique and heavy design 5 YEARS WARRANTY Click link below to buy this branded bath accessory : We are the Bathroom accessories Supplier, Distributor and Manufacturer Area we serve : 1.) Ahmedabad, Gujarat 2.) Surat, Gujarat 3.) Rajkot, Gujarat 4.) Vadodara, Gujarat 5.) Vapi, Gujarat 6.) Valsad, Gujarat 7.) Bhuj, Gujarat & Rest of Gujarat
Introducing Balaji Bed Lift fitting in 3mm thickness and 5mm thickness Super Heavy Quality All range available 2ft to 5ft and 50kg to 200kg Available in Stock at special rates
GASOLIFT springs are non-lockable gas springs which are incorporated in a variety of applications such as flaps, shutters, covers, hoods etc. These springs make the lifting or opening very convenient and easy thereby eliminating the actual load or weight to zero or negligible.   Non lockable gas springs remain in extended condition when not loaded. These are mainly used in easy lifting and lowering of equipment such as backdoor of cars. Intermediate positive locking along the stroke is not possible.   Key Features : As compared to conventional springs used for the same applications,  GASOLIFT gas springs have better linear characteristic curve which enables uniform and comfortable adjustment or turning movement, along the opening of door.   Some of its salient features are as follows.   Automatic & damped supported opening Damped fixed speed Hinge points subjected to lower force Various end fittings for different applications Maintenance Free Different fixing end-connection Single person can lift heavy doors easily   How They Work? GASOLIFT gas springs are non-lockable and have a hydro-pneumatic ram that is charged under pressure with an inert gas. The high pressure nitrogen gas present inside exerts equal pressure on surfaces having different cross-sectional piston areas. This, in turn, produces a force in the moving direction. The generated force is proportional to the charging pressure & piston rod diameter.   It has the characteristics of a compression spring with a small change in force as it extends and provides a controlled rate of movement. At the end of the extension stroke, oil damping occurs due to a hydraulic cushioned zone.   These features help protect hinges and mounts by applying constant force with a damped cushioning effect at the end of the stroke
Special rates for microwave oven bracket. Weight capacity 50 kg. Both arms are extendable. Heavy & sturdy fitting. Colour : Black #ovenbracket #microwavebracket