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#Surface-Drain-System At LIDL, we are moivated and driven to provide you with quality, efficiency and elegance - to give you cost-effective reliable and technically advanced products with a dynamic and motivated team of young designers, we offer innovative solutions for all your drainage problems, be if for residential or commercial projects. we are manufacturers of surface Drains, Linear Drains, Car Parking, Balcony Drains, Shower Channels, Floor Drains, Cockroach Traps, S.S. Grating and Grease Interceptor Systems. The LIDL systems provide optimum drainage solutions for today's requirements. Our Technologically advanced drainage concepts provide absolute peace of mind to the consumer. LIDL achieves this with durable and intelligent designs that are unobtrusive yet functional and blend in the exteriors. Every LIDL drainage product is made with high-grade eco-friendly and recyclable materials and is durable. Our solutions are designed to vent water immediately and effectively, thereby preventing blockage and slippery surfaces. Such state of the art features put our products miles ahead of the competition in quality, Safety and reliability. Our mission is to bring to you commercial and home Drainage Solutions that combine the best of Indian manufacturing excellence and global-best technology innovations. Marketed by, Anant International Inc #Vadodara
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